The Park Had Been Home To Two Black Bears, But Both Recently Died At Ages 28 And 35.

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It is run by Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  Mark Latti, communications director for the department, said the wildlife park was excited to welcome Ahote and her companion Luvey. The park had been home to two black bears, but both recently died at ages 28 and 35. Black bears generally live around 30 years in the wild. The refuge’s two coyotes and the pair of bears, two of the Halls’ more well-known animals, were transported to Maine at the end of October. The bears had escaped their Adirondack enclosure twice, once in 2019 and again in 2021.  Latti said an independent vet examined Ahote’s body and determined she had died from “capture myopathy.” The non-infectious disease is caused when an animal overexerts itself and their bodily systems shut down. Latti said the disease is more common in deer than in bears, but it has been known to happen to many animals when they are relocated or captured. Latti said staff at the wildlife park noticed Ahote was nervous, pacing and running when she arrived at their facility. Steve Hall said the name Ahote means “restless one.” Luvey appeared to be doing well and adjusting, and continue so were see page the two coyotes, Latti said. Steve Hall said handlers from the Maine Wildlife Park arrived at the refuge and helped carry Luvey and Ahote to travel containers that were intended for lions.

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